The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business and How to Change It

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Source: Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) website -

Location and details: Friday, January 25, 2013 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Charles Duhigg Metro Convention Centre – Halls F&G, Ontario, CANADA.
Charles Duhigg’s journalistic accomplishments have won him many awards including the Pulitzer Prize (finalist, Public Service Medal), 2009, the George Polk Award, 2007, the Gerald Loeb Award, 2008 and the National Journalism Award, 2009.


Habits aren’t destiny. As Charles shows, by harnessing this new science we can transform our businesses, our communities and our lives.

That is the description found on the above HRPA conference website, and I was fortunate enough to hear Mr. Duhigg speak back in January of this year (2013). I’ve meant to write about the topic for a while now – been really busy and spreading out my energies.  This posting is probably going to whet…

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MEF Toastmasters Club - Butterworth


Finally, it is the end of term 2012/2013!

Always the Most Enjoy and Fun Club, our meetings are filled with smile and laughter! Even in our last meeting for this term!



We welcome you to come join us and share the fun! ^^

Our coming meeting is held on 4th July 2013.
Theme: Travel



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Summer at The Circus

This week at SATC kicked off with a truly relevant session on leaving your mark, carving a niche, and selling yourself in the industry. Students worked hard to verbally translate their own personal brands into short speeches directed at their peers. They addressed the elements of their own ‘visual identities’ as well as their ‘brand promises’. Adjectives and phrases such as dependable, a leader, collegial, knowledgeable, passionate, creative, colorful, relevant, proactive, out-of-the-box, detail-oriented, team player, obsessed, and yes, even sunshiny (is that a word? well, it’s definitely descriptive!) emerged throughout the session.

Afterward, Dave spoke about the importance of taking your finest traits and determining a match with the agency you’re interviewing with. He presented some snipits from past Circus grads’ resumes, demonstrating that it’s definitely possible to craft a creative resume. He emphasized that showing humor, the ability to think ahead, and conveying your personality, all balanced against a polished…

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Communication Skills are Critical in Your Life

Atekson Consult

Communication skills are very critical at any sphere; be it a small company, or large institution or even home based company. Building your skills to communicate to your clients, friends, colleagues is very important is pursuing your goal in life.

It takes just a glance or seconds for someone to evaluate you the very first time you meet. the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your mannerism and your dressing. This first impression sticks to the mind of the other person. That is why the first impression always matters because changing the impression of the other person about you becomes difficult subsequently.

“Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness,  the clarity and the emotions to affect other people”  Jim Rohn.

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“Do I Need to go to A Toastmasters District Conference?”

The Life & Times of A Girl Named Simone

First Impressions

“Invigorating. Exciting. Educational. Networking haven.”

These are just some of the words that crossed my mind as I entered the “Wild Wild West“, the western themed Toastmasters District 48 Spring Conference held at the Tampa Marriott May 3 – 5. Before I go any further. Let me put your mind at ease. I have not developed a weird hobby centered around toast.

But Toastmasters, according to their site:

“Toastmasters is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 280,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,500 clubs in 116 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.”

I joined the Power Speakers of Manatee County Government Toastmasters club in September of 2009 and I haven’t looked back since. When I told people that I joined this amazing professional development group, many people scratched their heads and made…

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Facing My Fears and having it go OH SO WRONG!

Musings of The Edmonton Tourist

fears Since my Edmonton Tourist Journey began and I started saying YES more than NO. I also began taking risks and facing my fears. Some of the biggest obstacles I have overcome involved me speaking up, saying what I thinking and using my passion and intellect to support my convictions. It has worked out mostly good. Not everything was good, some things were painful and embarrassing but I do not regret anything I have done since 2010. I have been intentional about change, trying new things and being a risk taker. I regret nothing…until today. Today was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I’ll come back to why it was bad, but first I feel a list coming on. I feel the need to list the fears I have overcome since this project has began.

The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 List of Faced Fears

  1. I let other people plan my vacation. That was hard for me…

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How Ideas Die: The #1 Reason

Very True……

Moving People to Action

A person can have the great idea, but if that person cannot convince a number of people: the idea dies.

Good ideas do die.  Good ideas must have good advocates.  Good advocacy and good idea makes an idea live.

Ideas need advocates like humans need oxygen.

The Leader as Communicator

The Leader’s #1 job as a communicator: to discover why people believe the things they do.

Wife says “I don’t like this type of movie.” Husband says “Yes you do.”  Wife learns: he is an idiot.

Wife says “I don’t like this type of movie.” Husband says “I understand you don’t like this type of movie.  What type of movies do you like?  What do they have in common?  What do you feel when you see those movies?  What do you feel when you watch this movie?”.  Wife shares.  Husband learns.

Proving to somebody that they are wrong is not…

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